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Rules of play/ Terms & Conditions

By booking a ticket you are agreeing to our rules of play and terms and conditions.


- Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. We will do our best to accommodate changes up to 48 hours before your booked time slot, this may not be possible. Where we do offer a refund for you to re-book or, direct transfer, these will be subject to a 50p transaction fee. Please email

- Our ticket prices include the booking fee and transaction fee that we are charged with every ticket.

- You must purchase a ticket for EVERY adult and every child. Tickets are per person as we run on a strict capacity on only 23-33 tickets per session which averages 15 children and babies (may vary subject to day/ time & ages booked, this limit includes every adult and child) for your safety and comfort.

- SCHOOL HOLIDAY/ BANK HOLIDAY/ One off events sessions may vary in times and price but they will show live on the booking page.

- We reserve the right to cancel any session when it is necessary to do so and refunds will be offered if we do.

- NO FOOD OR DRINKS to be consumed in the play areas or on the soft play. This is not just essential for hygiene but for protecting those with allergies too. 


- TERM TIME sessions run for 75 minutes from doors opening to closing, the tidy up bell will ring approx 5 minutes before the end of the session, please encourage and help your child to tidy away some toys and begin to get ready to leave on time. Please keep this in mind when considering gathering your belongings or using the toilet facilities before the end of the session.

- We run 75 minute sessions, the duration will be clearly listed in the ticket info for the session you select.

- Role play is for considered and constructed play. Our toys are not to be thrown/ damaged or misused. We will approach the accompanying adults if children are misusing the play areas/ toys and, if this continues after we have highlighted the issue, we will have to ask you to leave without any refund. 

-Please encourage your child to return toys after they have finished playing with them so that they are ready for the next child. If your child cannot tidy up, please do this for them.

- Babies who are not on the move are free with a paying child ticket unless stated otherwise. With the addition of our tumble/ soft area, CRAWLERS ARE NOW CHARGEABLE.

- We have very limited buggy space, please be prepared to fold down your buggy. Please do not bring buggies with muddy wheels in to the seating area, children are crawling and sitting in these areas.

- Bookings are currently via online only until announced otherwise.

- We recommend the space for children up to and, 5 years of age. Children who are 6-8 years-old and welcome to attend but ONLY with a child under 5 and, are not permitted on the soft play or soft play frame for safety, use the ride on toys or mini gym equipment. ALL children must adhere to the rules of play.

- There must be at least 1 adult for every 4 children. 

- Children must be supervised at all times and, some toys will contain small parts. You must not remain in the seating area and leave your child unsupervised in the play area pout of sight. One adult must remain with your child at all times.

- We do not accept responsibility for any child. Children remain the responsibility of their accompanying adult at all times.

- We do not accept responsibility for any illness or accidental injury.

- No food or drink is permitted in the play areas, play zones or on the soft play. Please do not allow children to walk around with food or drink.

- No more than 5 children are to be on the soft play frame at once, please ensure you do not allow your child on it if there are already 5 children and kindly wait your turn.

- Please respect our toys and equipment.

- We do not accept responsibility for accidents that occur on the premises.

-Please tell us immediately of any accidents.

- Please tell us immediately if a toy is broken.

- We cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen belongings.

- We have limited space for buggies and pushchairs but you are welcome to bring them, please ensure wheels are clean and do not take buggies in to play zones. This of course does not apply to any form of disability aid/ pushchair.

- Have fun!


- We operate strict time slots so that we can clean between sessions and, our doors may be locked up until the time slot begins.

- Time slots are either 60, 75 or 90 minutes and our tidy up bell will ring 5-10 minutes before the end of the session to signal end of play and tidying up. Please use the toilet in this time before we close our play area.

- You may arrive any time after the start of your booked time slot but will still have to leave at the end on time regardless of if you arrived later than the start time.

- We close the entire venue including seating and entrance area between sessions. Please ensure you leave promptly as we have limited time between sessions for cleaning and re-setting. 


- We are a wheelchair friendly venue with a spacious accessible toilet

- All of our play zones have been built without frontages allowing for ease of wheelchair and walking frame access

- We know that not all disabilities are visible, if you have any worries regarding additional needs please email us and we will discuss any concerns or needs.

- Only guide Dogs are accepted. We know its the law however, sadly we hear all too often that even in 2023 some people still face issues entering public places with guide dogs, please be assured this will not happen at our venue.


- There is FREE 90 minute parking in Lidl directly opposite us.

- FREE 4 hour parking on Elm road opposite the Sainsburys local just 1 minute from us.

- There is paid parking at Hackbridge train station at the end of the road, which always has lots of spaces.

- The 151 and 127 bus stops less than a minute from us.

- We are located a few shops down from the new ANNA PHARAMCY, directly opposite Lidl supermarket.


- Antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated and any such behaviour will be addressed by asking you to leave the premises.

- We reserve the right to refuse entry if the rules are not complied with.

- We operate a kind to all policy. Please treat other guests and our staff with respect. If you have any concerns or complaints please raise it with us and we will do our best to help. We are a brand new, independent venue and teething problems are bound to happen and, if they do we will do our best to rectify the problem. 

- NO SMOKING or vaping or e-cigarettes are permitted on  or directly outside of the premises.


- We operate a safeguarding policy and in line with that policy we are duty bound to report any staff witnessing drug taking, intoxication, abuse etc.

- You must have permission of all those with PR (parental responsibility) to bring a child to the venue.


- You are welcome to take photos at our venue but please do not take photos of our staff or children that are not attending with you.



- NO SHOES to be worn on the soft play mats/ area or on the climbing frame.


- As we sell hot & drinks, cake/ brownies, these items are not permitted to be bought in from outside. PLEASE NO HOT FOOD. Please take your rubbish with you and help keep our play space clean and safe


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